November 06, 2012

Dark Eldar Army - The Ruthless Ice Blades

Today I want to introduce you to my latest project. It's a Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar Army called "The Ruthless Ice Blades".

So you might ask why Dark Eldar and why this name. I selected Dark Eldar for a number of reasons. First, I want to have an army with as much female miniatures as possible. In Warhammer and especially in Warhammer 40k that is not very easy. Second I want miniatures which are more human and not robots, supermen in cans or insects. So the range became even smaller. And last but not least I love the miniature of one of the leaders, Lelith Hesperax. So guess who will be the leader of "The Ruthless Ice Blades".
The name has also various reasons. Before I started this project I read the codex and especially the background story. All the time I had the picutes of a dark, cold city made of black and glassy stuff going around in my head. For me Dark Eldar are as cold and dark as their city. I also figure that there is always an icy wind howling in the streets. These ideas led to the name and also to my color scheme.

But enough talking, here are the first pictures of a test miniature of "The Ruthless Ice Blades":

Stay tuned, there is more to come!


  1. Thanks for the background information. I have participated in your painting session with this mini. And I really like the used colour scheme. It looks very good and I am looking forward to seeing the entire army in that look and feel.

    But one thing is for sure .. my necrons will beat them .. independent of the beautiful colour scheme ;)

    best wishes

  2. I take that as a challenge :) Looking forward to our next battle!