January 20, 2013

Friday´s Painting Session

Good morning again!

I want to show you some impressions from our friday night painting session.

Lisa (Morgaine)
Andi (Androsch) & Daniel (Nathelis)

Oliver (Colouristo)
Daniel´s Loras Tyrell
Ogre Voodoo Shaman - Firebelly from Andi

Lisa´s  Merlin

I was painting the William Wallace i´ve posted below at this painting night!

Best regards

Modern William Wallace

Good morning!!

Another finished miniature for the gaming table.
It is William Wallace from Infinity and it is a present for Oliver.
I hope you like it.

 best regards


January 19, 2013

WIPs continued...


after yesterday's PPPS (Pumpkin Painter Powers Session ;)) I can show you some fresh WIP shots of my Voodoo Priest. I finished most of the details and refined the green mist coming from his mouth.
I still have to do the OSL effect on the face and improve the base. I'll be quite happy when I finally can finish this project. It's starting to annoy me.

I also started a bigger project today, the Sister of Twilight for my Woodelves.
That's what I got so far, afer a bit of airbrushing (and running wild with masking tape).


January 16, 2013

WIPs again

I just came back from a little trip to the bavarian mekka of miniature painting. I was in Augsburg and enjoyed a nice painting session at MassiveVoodoo's stuido with Roman and Raffa. It's always nice to have you guys around. ;)

In such an inspiring atmosphere, I was able to make some progress on some of my minis.

Roman helped me a bit with putting some more interesting colours on my Oger Voodoo Priest, by adding some crackling medium on the hat and painting some details. But I think I've overdone his advice a bit in the belt area. It lost a bit of focus there.

A new captain for my Dark Angels army (yay, new codex!). Jumppacks are cool. ;)

And one more for my showcase. Unfortunately I damaged the sword on his backmodule.
But I'll use this as a feature...

January 06, 2013

"Hold the line"

Especially for my BF3 friends :)
Watch and learn - the secret to success is always a perfect squad!

Blood Angels - Death Company


My Blood Angels Project just made a step forward again. I was able to finish a Death Company squad today. I need a showcase figure now. Painting 10 figures at once is anoying. ^^

I airbrushed the black armour (actually it turned out to be more like a grey armour, but I like it) and went for quick wet-blendings, not smoothing the transitions alot.


January 05, 2013

Deathkorps of Krieg


i´m ill since thursday but that can´t stop me painting :-)
Today i started with a little scene with two deathkorps of krieg soldiers.
These pictures show you the result of about 3 hours of base build.
Now i want to start with some paint to give that scene a little bit of dark brown and muddy colours.

here are the pictures:

best regards