January 16, 2013

WIPs again

I just came back from a little trip to the bavarian mekka of miniature painting. I was in Augsburg and enjoyed a nice painting session at MassiveVoodoo's stuido with Roman and Raffa. It's always nice to have you guys around. ;)

In such an inspiring atmosphere, I was able to make some progress on some of my minis.

Roman helped me a bit with putting some more interesting colours on my Oger Voodoo Priest, by adding some crackling medium on the hat and painting some details. But I think I've overdone his advice a bit in the belt area. It lost a bit of focus there.

A new captain for my Dark Angels army (yay, new codex!). Jumppacks are cool. ;)

And one more for my showcase. Unfortunately I damaged the sword on his backmodule.
But I'll use this as a feature...

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  1. so jealous of you right now, driving over to Roman/Raffa and paint with them ^.^