December 31, 2012

me wants infinity too! :P

Too kick Darkezekiel's Haqqislam army in its derrier, I've started to paint up my own infinity army. It's gonna be ALEPH. I like the idea of an AI running wild (although they'd of course never ever turn on humanity, if you want to believe that hehe).

Started with one of the myrmidons. I'm going for a very limited palette, tint of purple in every colour I use.

December 30, 2012

Infinity Army


my Infinity army is growing very fast and it is so funny to paint them because of all the details.
I have used the airbrush for the base colour. Next step i used a black/brown mix with a lot of water to make a wash. After that i was painting the shadows and highlights and and made the details.
I optimized the whole painting process so that only need about 2-3 hours for each mini because it´s a tabletop army for playing and not a showcase project. I´m very happy with the result and i hope you like it too. There are much more miniatures on my painting table, so stay tuned.

ps: the Sniper on the last pictures was painted by Andi (Androsch) as a christmas present, thank you!

here the pictures
best regards


December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas, and Infinity news!!

Just one day to christmas eve and i want to wish you merry christmas and many many presents.
Today i finished my second Infinity miniature and i made some better fotos.


Ghulam Infantry

best regards

December 19, 2012

Pixar's "For the Birds"

I'd like to add another short animation movie to our collection.
This time, a well known classic:

 "For the Birds" by Disney Pixar


Giant Owl finished

Did it!
I Finished my wood elf highborn on giant owlfalconhawk, just in time for my P500 over at
Oh yeah, and some dryads too...

December 16, 2012


Here's another WIP shot of my Giant Owl. Have to finish this project (+ 20 dryads) till midnight... ;)



At Friday´s painting session we talked about the Infinity game at the tabletopclub near my home
and i decide to make my own small Infinity gang. I was lucky because one of the clubmembers sold me his miniatures and so i was able to start with cleaning the miniatures. At Saturday i was painting my first mini.

Sorry for the bad fotos but i made them without good light just with the camera flashlight.
I will show you better pics, i promise!

regards Darkezekiel

December 12, 2012

Woodelves - Giant Owl


Some shots of my current woodelves project again
(German readers click here)

The model is from Coolminiornot. I did some conversions on the lady sitting on top. I made here sit a bit more uprigth and gave here a sword and a bow to make here look more like a fighter. I also added some rope and leaves to give her more of a woodelf touch.

Until now, I airbrushed the owl and sketched the pattern that a snowy owl would have.
Still a looooooooot to do. ;)

December 08, 2012

Animation Dec 2012

Hi pumpkin friends,

I am a real aficionado of short animation movies.
Therefore I will start with a new category within our blog:


And here is the first one for you: One more beer

One More Beer! from pedro conti on Vimeo.

I hope all of you will enjoy it.

With best wishes

December 05, 2012

Late Night WIPs


Working on a new project now, it's a friendly gift to Darkezekiels soon-to-be-famous Pirate Oger Army!

Link (warning! this is german ;))

I converted an Oger Firebelly (is that it's name?) into a creepy black voodoo priest, standing in a swamp, surrounded by a horde of zombies, spitting green toxic stuff toward his enemies.

I tried some desaturated dark brown colours on the skin, highlighted with Space Wolves Grey...

December 02, 2012

Christmas Imps


My name is Kurt aka Darkezekiel and i´m also a member of the pumpkin crew.
I´m painting miniatures during my free time but that´s not all.

Today is the first advent sunday and me and my family are sitting at the kitchentable to
make some  christmas decoration. I want to show you a little different miniatures i made myself.
I hope you like them.

Mrs. and Mr. Imp

best regards