December 30, 2012

Infinity Army


my Infinity army is growing very fast and it is so funny to paint them because of all the details.
I have used the airbrush for the base colour. Next step i used a black/brown mix with a lot of water to make a wash. After that i was painting the shadows and highlights and and made the details.
I optimized the whole painting process so that only need about 2-3 hours for each mini because it´s a tabletop army for playing and not a showcase project. I´m very happy with the result and i hope you like it too. There are much more miniatures on my painting table, so stay tuned.

ps: the Sniper on the last pictures was painted by Andi (Androsch) as a christmas present, thank you!

here the pictures
best regards



  1. Hi from Spain!

    I was looking the infinity forum for some inspiration and find your minis, those haqq's are awesome!

    I´m going to paint similar (have an airbrush too) an would like to know how exactly are yo doing with trhe airbrush.

    How do you get that supercool color on the armor back of your janissary?

    I mean: Start with a white base, airbrush ochre and illuminate bone color with airbrush, and the the wases? after that you illuminate by brush to recover the color bright losed on the wash?

  2. Hey Sliver,

    it´s quiet simple. i´ve started with a black/white priming. Then it´s like you have written. Shadows and highlights with the airbrush. A wash (black with a lot of water, i haven´t used GW wash or something else) After that higlights and shadows with the brush. Details and it is finished. Maybe i´m writing a tutorial in the near future.

    best regards