August 30, 2013


posted by Androsch


I just finished some Doomreavers (by Privateer Press) for a customer. Once again this had to be a quick paintjob, but good looking. I tried to do a rather simple contrast by using warm reds and oranges in the skin and the swords, opposed to cold greens on the cloth and the base. The same idea is used in the armour (warm bronze with cold green weathering). I went for bronze armour to make them look more savage.

I was able to finish the paintjob in 3 evenings.


August 29, 2013

Motivational poster of the day

posted by Androsch

...but at least they're almost finished ;)

And now scroll down and behold the brutal beauty of Darkezekiel's Chosen One!


August 28, 2013

Chosen One


after a long time i have finished another great "Forged Monkey" Miniature.
It is a 54mm Chaos Warrior. There are a lot of bit´s in it so you can customize it.
I painted it as a Warrior of Khorne and i´m very happy with the result. Many thanks to
Androsch for making that good pics.

best regards

August 26, 2013

Lightning Scars - Space Marines - Cybot WIP

During our last painting session I worked a bit on the Cybot for my Lightning Scars army. I think it is nearly finished. Just take a look at the latest WIP shot.

August 21, 2013

C'tan WIPs part 2

posted by Androsch


I continued painting the C'tan. Tried some more colour contrast by reinforcing the saturation of the purple and by bringing in some yellow glazes on the skin. I think I like it much better now, take a look:

Regards, Androsch

August 20, 2013

Necron C'tan WIPs

posted by Androsch


I got a little time off from painting dwarfs. In the meantime I'm working on A C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer.
Nice model, but it's quite hard to paint it in a way that fits CM's yellow Necron army. ;)

So I went for a purple cloak to have the complementary colour and some yellow on it's weapon and the base. I still think it won't fit so well yet. I might try some more saturation on the C'tan. Lot oof work left, but take a look:


August 18, 2013

Lightning Scars - Space Marines - Scouts

I finished another squad of the Lighting Scars. Five Scouts with Sniper Rifles are ready to show their enemies what real fear is about.

Enjoy :)

August 11, 2013

PACIFIC RIM with real gentlemen

Dear All,

I would like to introduce to you the Gentlemen's Version of Pacific Rim

Have fun!
And watch it until the end ;)

Best wishes

August 09, 2013


I finished some more brave dwarven warriors...

This one is from Scibor Miniatures. I added long hair and some more beard.


August 07, 2013

Colouristo's Necron Army - Part 4

Here they are,
My Overlord and his Lychguards.

A real special unit - And they are ready for the final fight!

Let the battle start ...

Best wishes

August 05, 2013

Lightning Scars - Space Marines - part 2

The first squad of the Lightning Scars is finally ready to proof themselves on the battlefield.
It is a Tactical Squad consisting of 5 Space Marines with bolter guns.

There are 4 more Space Marines to come, one with a plasma gun, and also a Sergeant.

But for now enjoy the first 5 miniatures!