November 26, 2012

Two more busts!


Two more busts, this time by "Badsmile Miniatures". I started painting them quite a while ago and took them out of my cabinet recently to finish them. (I'm on some kind of "finish your old stuff" trip these days...)

The "Male Action Hero" was painted in oils. I added a samoan style tattoo at the end, which reminded me of my bad freehand skills. ^^

I tried a very limitted palette on the "Dark Elf". Wanted to give it a cold and sinister look.


November 24, 2012

Brom, Brekk and the Sarge

Hey there,

During a "Pumpkin Painter Power Painting Evening" with lots of white whine, great food and nice company, I was able to finish three of my current projects: Brekk the Lion and Sergeant Cheeky by Forged Monkey, as well as Brom the Hard Bark (I call him Brom the Gutter Dwarf ^^) by Enigma.

Brekk is a really nice bust which is great fun to paint. The face has a lot of character. You can assemble it with or without the helmet by the way. Check out the other great products at as well!

Brom was a kind of neverending story. I think I've been painting (or not painting) this mini for 2 years. I had 3 different versions of the base and f***ed up two of them with 2k modelling water. Finally, I was able to rescue the last version. ^^


Sergeant Cheeky was one of Raffaele Picca's (Forged Monkey) first releases. It may have some flaws, but it's still a very expressive character in my opinion. I tried a very unusual colorscheme on this one. ;)

Kind Regards,

November 17, 2012

Don Quijote

The next of my mini's I would like to show to you, is my loved "Don Quijote".
Loved, because I felt in love with the mini right from the begin. I found this for me so special piece in the Nocturna shop. And immediately I knew, this must be my next mini.

Here it is:

It is only my third mini I painted so far, but for me it is very vissible that a huge improvement has taken place in my mini painting skills.
I am still a beginner, but now I am a little better beginner.

Taking part with him at the Monte San Savino Contest 2012 was my goal. Unfortunately I was not able to go there by myself, but thanks to Darkezekiel to bring him there all the long way.

And, it was worth to do it - BRONZE  in Standard - UNBELIEVABLE for me!

I would have been already happy to award some medal in the beginner class, and now I am even a little bit more proud of my Don Quijote :)

I hope you like him as much as I do.

Your Colouristo

PS: Now it is very clear, I am 100% mini painting addicted !


Here I would like to introduce you to my first mini ever!

Due to my son and his interest regarding the tabletop game of "Lord of the rings", I startet to explore the world of miniature painting. And so my journey started with this first mini.

I was very lucky, because I had the best mentors right from the begin - "Darkezekiel" and "Androsch". It is time to say "THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!". Based on your great experience, your personal introduction and your advices, it was real fun for me to explore the wonderful world of miniature painting.

And I am very proud of my first mini :) !

I hope you like him too?

Best wishes
Your Colouristo

November 11, 2012

Colouristo's Necron Army - Part 2

During our 2nd NECRONSYTLE GiG we have worked again with full Pumpkin Painter Power.

As basis for our assembly line work we have defined several stations.
Each of them handled by one of our crew members:

- base coating
- primer colouring with airbrush
- weapon base painting
- white colour painting as basis for flash illumination
- discreet colouring with airbrush of OSL illumination
- base primer coating with airbrush
- base highlights with brush and subsequently dry brushing
- base edge painting with black

Only one evening and the first part of my NECRON Army painting is finished.

 Necron Warriors

 Necron Deathmarks

 Canoptec Wraiths

Canoptec Scarab Swarms

I would say, the first part of my NECRON Army looks great!
And this only within two Evening-GiG's.

What do you think?

With proud NECRON greetings, and many thanks to our entire Pumkin Painter Crew!

PS: Looking forward to our next Necron GiG for finishing the rest of the army :)

November 10, 2012

Colouristos's Necron Army - Part 1

As promised in my little Necron army teaser, I will show you now sowe WIP details of our "1st Pumpkin Painter NECRONSTYLE Warhammer 40K Necron Army Painting Gig :) "

First I have to tell you that I had no army at all so far. Which was absolutely unacceptable!

Therefore I thought about which army I should look for. And my first idea was to choose the new Chaos Space Marines ... BUT then I realized that there is only one true army for me ...

And so I did what I can, and I convinced the entire Pumpkin Painter Crew that it would be a good idea to build up my army together ... And ... It worked great!

We joined one evening together at my ART Hall - and we unpacked the boxes containing all my loved Necron's.
At some hours it was hard, but also very funny. Out of our group we gained a lot of energy to do the painful deflashing of a lot of figures.

BUT at 4 o'clock in the morning ... see the astonishing result:

Hard to believe, just one night and a full Necron army was built up in a very nice way!

In detail:

7 Necron Scarab Swarms
20 Necron Warriors
5 Necron Deathmarks
5 Necron Lychguards
1 Necron Overlord
1 Necron Destroyer
3 Necron Canoptek Wraiths
1 Necron Triarch Stalker
1 Necron Doomsday Ark

I am sure all of you know how long it normally takes to create such an army by one person (If you take care about good deflashing).

This is real Pumpkin Painter Power!
And now I am the proud owner of my first army - MY NECRONS :)

And let me tell you, the 2nd Necron Painting GIG was even more impressive ...


November 06, 2012

Dark Eldar Army - The Ruthless Ice Blades

Today I want to introduce you to my latest project. It's a Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar Army called "The Ruthless Ice Blades".

So you might ask why Dark Eldar and why this name. I selected Dark Eldar for a number of reasons. First, I want to have an army with as much female miniatures as possible. In Warhammer and especially in Warhammer 40k that is not very easy. Second I want miniatures which are more human and not robots, supermen in cans or insects. So the range became even smaller. And last but not least I love the miniature of one of the leaders, Lelith Hesperax. So guess who will be the leader of "The Ruthless Ice Blades".
The name has also various reasons. Before I started this project I read the codex and especially the background story. All the time I had the picutes of a dark, cold city made of black and glassy stuff going around in my head. For me Dark Eldar are as cold and dark as their city. I also figure that there is always an icy wind howling in the streets. These ideas led to the name and also to my color scheme.

But enough talking, here are the first pictures of a test miniature of "The Ruthless Ice Blades":

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

November 03, 2012

Horthak the Black Crow

Hi folks!

Here's my first contribution to the showcase section on Pumpkinpainter.
I've just finished Horthak the Black Crow by Andrea Miniatures, 54mm. I mainly used acrylics and finished the skin and the leather with oil colours. He's now proudly become a part of Colouristo's collection. ;)
I'm quite proud of it, since I think it's my best miniature so far.
Take a look:


November 02, 2012

Saint Celestine

Pumpkin Painter Crew - Art Work

Yipiee the inspiration works already.
My little son has illustrated our crew as well.
It is worth to have a look at it.
It is quite similar to my drawing, but much more modern art :)

November 01, 2012

Pumpkin Necron Army

You can't keep a good robot down ... this is the truth!

Therefore I will introduce you to my necron army.
The painting of the same was done in our unique "necron style crew approach"!

... more soon  ...