November 24, 2012

Brom, Brekk and the Sarge

Hey there,

During a "Pumpkin Painter Power Painting Evening" with lots of white whine, great food and nice company, I was able to finish three of my current projects: Brekk the Lion and Sergeant Cheeky by Forged Monkey, as well as Brom the Hard Bark (I call him Brom the Gutter Dwarf ^^) by Enigma.

Brekk is a really nice bust which is great fun to paint. The face has a lot of character. You can assemble it with or without the helmet by the way. Check out the other great products at as well!

Brom was a kind of neverending story. I think I've been painting (or not painting) this mini for 2 years. I had 3 different versions of the base and f***ed up two of them with 2k modelling water. Finally, I was able to rescue the last version. ^^


Sergeant Cheeky was one of Raffaele Picca's (Forged Monkey) first releases. It may have some flaws, but it's still a very expressive character in my opinion. I tried a very unusual colorscheme on this one. ;)

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