November 11, 2012

Colouristo's Necron Army - Part 2

During our 2nd NECRONSYTLE GiG we have worked again with full Pumpkin Painter Power.

As basis for our assembly line work we have defined several stations.
Each of them handled by one of our crew members:

- base coating
- primer colouring with airbrush
- weapon base painting
- white colour painting as basis for flash illumination
- discreet colouring with airbrush of OSL illumination
- base primer coating with airbrush
- base highlights with brush and subsequently dry brushing
- base edge painting with black

Only one evening and the first part of my NECRON Army painting is finished.

 Necron Warriors

 Necron Deathmarks

 Canoptec Wraiths

Canoptec Scarab Swarms

I would say, the first part of my NECRON Army looks great!
And this only within two Evening-GiG's.

What do you think?

With proud NECRON greetings, and many thanks to our entire Pumkin Painter Crew!

PS: Looking forward to our next Necron GiG for finishing the rest of the army :)

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