September 30, 2014

Time to move!

Hey folks!

Pumpkinpainter is moving! Come visit us at our new domain.
bye bye Blogspot, hello dotcom...

August 11, 2014



with my second attempt in digital painting i was very satisfied.
As subject I have chosen a sunset because i painted a similar picture with oil paints about one year ago.
I hope you like it.

best regards


Quick WIP

Hey folks,

I just came back from an massive three day painting session weekend with good friends. :)  Here's some WIPS of what I've been painting.

I did an Austrian army conversion of Forged Monkey's "Knucklehead". A mustache and a beret always make a soldier badass. ;)

And I got a sculpt of Massive Voodoo's trainee Sanne, which is just so different and absolutely wonderful to paint. I just began to paint the skintones:

Apart from that I was sculpting for the Forged Hope Contest. But sorry, this is still top secret. ;)

Time for bed now...


August 06, 2014

Digital Painting - Twister


a few days ago i startet with digital painting on my ipad mini.
My first steps in Procreate, the painting program i use, weren´t that good so i decided to
need some support. Today i bought the ebook version of Digital Painting Techniques that is a very good book in my opinion. After reading the first few pages about making your own brushes they started with the first step by step painting and i decided to test my skills. With the tips, written in the book, it was very simple to paint my first artwork.


hope you like it.

best regards 

August 03, 2014

Zorabeth - WIP

Hi everybody!

After having not posted any new projects for a long time I want to show you my newest one. I started to paint Zorabeth from Andrea Miniatures during the last Massive Voodoo Painting Workshop in Vienna in June.
I decided to do something I thought I will never do...painting Non-Metallic-Metal. After painting almost all of the armour and the wings I can say one thing for sure: this needs a lot of patience and time! But for me the result is worth every minute.

Right now almost all of the armour is 80% finished. It still needs the final highlights as Roman showed me how much difference these highlights make. The cape has basic lights and shadows but there is still a lot of work to do. The skin of the horse is nearly finished. I'll wait until the other parts of the miniature are nearly finished too before I decide whether I still have to improve the painting of the skin of the horse or not.
All the other parts just have basic color but nothing else.

So here we go.
The horse:


I hope you like her!

July 30, 2014

Ultimate Paint Rack by Massive Voodoo

Hey folks,

Massive Voodoo's Ultimate Paint Rack campaign is already financed and still running. Check out the link on the banner to get your Ultimate Paint Rack. The Pumpkinpainter Crew will surely get theirs. ;)


July 25, 2014

LOVELY Diorama

Dear Painting Friends, this is real creativity!!!!
The first diorama made by my son Henry (6 years) with his girl friend Mira :)
I love it - so many details to see and everything just from memory.

Isn't it lovely :) ?