July 30, 2014

Ultimate Paint Rack by Massive Voodoo

Hey folks,

Massive Voodoo's Ultimate Paint Rack campaign is already financed and still running. Check out the link on the banner to get your Ultimate Paint Rack. The Pumpkinpainter Crew will surely get theirs. ;)


July 25, 2014

LOVELY Diorama

Dear Painting Friends, this is real creativity!!!!
The first diorama made by my son Henry (6 years) with his girl friend Mira :)
I love it - so many details to see and everything just from memory.

Isn't it lovely :) ?


July 21, 2014

A Greek and 3 Monkeys

posted by Androsch 


It was a super happy hobby weekend for me, since I had the opportunity to meet theese guys at MassiveVoodoo in Augbsburg:

Myself and two monkeys

Well, a lot of things that happen in Augsburg, stay in Augsburg, but you can bet your ass that we had a lot of fun. :)

Roman and Raffa had some supercool grandmaster tips for me, I really never quit learning from them! True professionals, great friends!
Here's what I've been painting this weekend:

Greek Hoplite, 54mm

I used oils first and continued with acrylics.
A little strange to handle, but it does work.

The third monkey

still sime work to do, but I love this bust