July 21, 2014

A Greek and 3 Monkeys

posted by Androsch 


It was a super happy hobby weekend for me, since I had the opportunity to meet theese guys at MassiveVoodoo in Augbsburg:

Myself and two monkeys

Well, a lot of things that happen in Augsburg, stay in Augsburg, but you can bet your ass that we had a lot of fun. :)

Roman and Raffa had some supercool grandmaster tips for me, I really never quit learning from them! True professionals, great friends!
Here's what I've been painting this weekend:

Greek Hoplite, 54mm

I used oils first and continued with acrylics.
A little strange to handle, but it does work.

The third monkey

still sime work to do, but I love this bust



  1. Great version of the hoplite! Congratulation my friend!!!!

  2. But I can not understand that you had fun with those cracy guys ;)

  3. They force me to say that. It was pure torture. I'm still in Augsburg. Get me outta here... no just kidding, it was awesome! ;)