February 21, 2013



Just finished the first unit for a dwarf army I'm painting for Morgaine's lord and master. :P
It took me about 15 hours to build and paint them.Well, here they are...

They're cold, they're grumpy, they're dwarfs!!!

Now it's time for a cold beer!

Verthandi, Dragon huntress


the next Miniature is a very special one. It´s a long time project.
I´ve started with it 2 years ago and now it is finished. I think it is one of my best pieces
because of painting quality and base composition. The base is completely self constructed (except the socket). I have used oil and acrylics for painting.
I hope you like it.

best regards

February 18, 2013

Space Wolves - Grey Hunters


yesterday i´ve finished two Grey Hunters for my Space Wolves army.
I´ve got a lot of Terminators but it is very complicated to play games with not
that much points and often we are playing 2vs2 and then everybody has got about 1000pts.
So i started to paint some Grey Hunters to have more units to choose from.
Some jump troops are waiting for some colour too on my painting table.

I hope you like it
best regards

February 17, 2013

Greek Mercenary


also for the MV-Bananalicious Contest i´ve finished this greek mercenary from Pegaso Models.

best regards

February 15, 2013

Kazan, Eye of the Tiger


i´ve painted a lot the last few weeks because of the Massive Voodoo Bananalicious Contest.
Now i´ve sent all pictures to the MV Crew and i´m able to show them on our blog.

I want to start with a bust that was sculpted by Raffaele Picca.
It is a very nice bust and the quality is awesome. There was nearly nothing to prepare
before painting.

Here are the pictures:

KAZAN, Eye of the Tiger

there is much more finished finished stuff i want to show you in the next days. Stay tuned!

best regards

February 13, 2013

British Officer almost finished


My current project is approaching it's completion. Still alot of errors to correct, the base needs to be improved and some areas need to be finished. I'll ad some more scratches and dust too. But' this is what I got so far. (The "mini" is 75mm by the way)

Drop me a comment if you have some ideas for improvement!

Cheers, Androsch

February 12, 2013

Fair play ?

Dear All,

Unfortunately I can not impress you with new painted figures from my side due to my ongoing business trips.
BUT, I am sending you best wishes from Sweden with one of my loved animations.

Have fun!

February 11, 2013


Hey there,

I'm still working hard for the Bananalicious contest (click) but right now it seems like nothing will get finished in time. ^^
I still need two figures for the historic category. One piece will be a British Officer from the Zulu Wars by Pegaso Models. Here's what I've got so far:

I started with a lot of airbrushing using GW paints and Tamyia X-20A Thinner. (This mix seems to work better in my airbrush than anything mixed with Vallejo paints)
Here's the colours from shadow to highlight:

Jacket: Rhinox Hide -> Khorne Red -> Mephiston Red
Trousers: Abbadon Black -> + Catachan Green -> + Skull White

After that I switched to brushes. I worked on the face with oils after an acrylic basecoat. I still have to redo that, I messed it up a little.

Leather: Chocolat Brown (VMC) -> British Tancrew (Panzer Aces) -> Ivory
Cheststraps and helmet: British Tankcrew -> more and more Ivory (British Tancrew is a nice colour for anything, almost as good as Dark Sea Blue ^^)

I think the cloth parts need a lot more contrast, the leather is still very messy and the darklining is a little to strong right now. Also, the face sucks, gotta be honest with it. ;)
 All in all I've got a lot of smoothing my blendings ahead of me....

I also tried some SENMM on one of Colouristos Ariadna figures (haven't done this in ages). I think it gives the mini a nice comic-look:


February 10, 2013

Winter is coming


i´ve finished a few miniatures the last weeks and here is one of it.
I like the books "A song of ice and fire" and the tv series "Game of thrones"
very much so i wanted to paint something from that.
My choice was Ser Waymar Royce, one of the Night´s watch.
It is a Dark Sword miniature that was very funny to paint.

i hope you like it.

cmon link: klick

best regards

February 04, 2013

WIP - Merlin

Hey everybody!

Today I had a sharp struggle with my camera which happen to ignore the autofocus function. Nevertheless I want to show you my current project of Friday's painting session.

I'm painting a Nocturna mini, Merlin, and up till now I have only finished the skin. All the other parts are still just a rough draft.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I promise to win the next battle with the camera ;)

February 02, 2013

Friday night painting WIPs


I took some pics during tonights painting evening...

I was painting one of Coloristo's Ariadna minis. Still quite messy...

Colouristo himself was working on his interpretation of a pumpkin painter mascot. ;)

February 01, 2013

Naestra and Arahan

Hi folks!

I just finished painting Naestra and Arahan, the Sisters of Twilight on Ceithin-Har for my Woodelves P500 project over at tabletopwelt.de. It was hard for me to find the right compromise between speed and quality once again (I made it just 15 minutes before the deadline once more ^^)

I wanted to give the model an early autumn look, with the leaves already growing brown and falling from the trees. I imagined Ceithin-Har beeing an old, rabid monster, only answering to the orders of his old friends Naestra and Arahan. Maybe I could have used some more brown tones, but I like the strong green colours for contrast. (It's early autumn as I said ;))

Have a nice day (or night)