February 11, 2013


Hey there,

I'm still working hard for the Bananalicious contest (click) but right now it seems like nothing will get finished in time. ^^
I still need two figures for the historic category. One piece will be a British Officer from the Zulu Wars by Pegaso Models. Here's what I've got so far:

I started with a lot of airbrushing using GW paints and Tamyia X-20A Thinner. (This mix seems to work better in my airbrush than anything mixed with Vallejo paints)
Here's the colours from shadow to highlight:

Jacket: Rhinox Hide -> Khorne Red -> Mephiston Red
Trousers: Abbadon Black -> + Catachan Green -> + Skull White

After that I switched to brushes. I worked on the face with oils after an acrylic basecoat. I still have to redo that, I messed it up a little.

Leather: Chocolat Brown (VMC) -> British Tancrew (Panzer Aces) -> Ivory
Cheststraps and helmet: British Tankcrew -> more and more Ivory (British Tancrew is a nice colour for anything, almost as good as Dark Sea Blue ^^)

I think the cloth parts need a lot more contrast, the leather is still very messy and the darklining is a little to strong right now. Also, the face sucks, gotta be honest with it. ;)
 All in all I've got a lot of smoothing my blendings ahead of me....

I also tried some SENMM on one of Colouristos Ariadna figures (haven't done this in ages). I think it gives the mini a nice comic-look:


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