September 29, 2013

Huntress of the Night - WIP

Hey there!

Yesterday was another productive painting night and I achieved some progress with my newest showcase project. You may recognise the mini from my post about the private painting session with the guys from Massive Voodoo. But as you can see I did some major changes concerning the color scheme.

The mini is still WIP and so is the title. But see for yourselves:

September 20, 2013

Space Marine Chaplain (WIP)


i want to show you two pictures from one of my actual projects.
It is a Space Marine Chaplain from the Blood Angels.

hope you like it.

best regards

September 14, 2013

Letter to my sisters

Letter to my lovely Sisters - Gipsy and Cookie,

 Every corner at our home of Colouristo reminds me on our common lovely playing, eating, sleeping, ...

It is very new for me to explore the world alone without you, but I have lovely parents who take care of me, and I have already a lot of fun especially with Henry & Lenny. I love them and they love me :)
And I am 100% sure Morgaine & Collectus Maximus will be great parents for you as well.

I wish you all the best at your new home!

 I miss you

Brother Zorro


September 11, 2013

C'tan finished

posted by Androsch

Hey there!

The teasing is over, the mini is finished. I redesigned the base and tried to pay a little tribute to Jarhead's Slayer Sword winning Diorama "The Last Light" by letting the little scarabs emerge from a wave of darkness.
Somehow this was exhausting already. Wonder how Roman felt. ^^