August 03, 2014

Zorabeth - WIP

Hi everybody!

After having not posted any new projects for a long time I want to show you my newest one. I started to paint Zorabeth from Andrea Miniatures during the last Massive Voodoo Painting Workshop in Vienna in June.
I decided to do something I thought I will never do...painting Non-Metallic-Metal. After painting almost all of the armour and the wings I can say one thing for sure: this needs a lot of patience and time! But for me the result is worth every minute.

Right now almost all of the armour is 80% finished. It still needs the final highlights as Roman showed me how much difference these highlights make. The cape has basic lights and shadows but there is still a lot of work to do. The skin of the horse is nearly finished. I'll wait until the other parts of the miniature are nearly finished too before I decide whether I still have to improve the painting of the skin of the horse or not.
All the other parts just have basic color but nothing else.

So here we go.
The horse:


I hope you like her!