January 14, 2014

Catachan Jungle Warriors

posted by Androsch


I'm working on some Catachan Imperial Soldiers at the moment. They will fight alongside the forces of the Inquisition.

I worked some hours on the skin until now. After reading MV's article about Duncan Colours, I decided to dust off my old set of them and give them a try again. I used "Rosy Tan" for the basecoat and was pretty satisfied by the results.

I'm trying to keep the colorscheme simple this time, so I can easily reproduce the colours for a bigger army.

This is what I used:

Basecoat: Rosy Tan (Duncan)
First Shadow: Rosy Tan + Dark Flesh (GW)
Second Shadow: Dark Flesh + Tiny Drop of Castellan Green (to break it down)
Outlining: Added some dark Ink
First Highlight: Rosy Tan + Pale Sand (Vallejo)
Additional Highlights: Added more Pale Sand

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