July 29, 2013

Stories from the battlefield - part 2

Another night of bloody battles happened yesterday in our cold (yes, this was one of the main reasons for our gaming night...it's burning hot in Austria right now) gaming basement.

This time we decided to play Warhammer 40k again and give Collectus Maximus the chance to test his brand new Necrons. Some time ago we got some buildings for our battlefield, especially for Infinity battles, but they work quite well for Warhammer 40k as well.
The opponents in this urban warfare were Darkezekiel with his Tau Empire together with me and my newly painted Space Marine Chapter of the Lightning Scars against Colouristo's Necrons together with the new Necrons of Collectur Maximus.

A few impressions of the battlefield after the lineup:

 The scene of the game happened in the very first round of the battle. The Triarch Stalker aimed at the Hammerhead Gunship and achieved two hits. Now it needed to roll a 5 for a grazing shot and a 6 for a direct hit. Collectus Maximus rolled the dices and he got two 6!! The Hammerhead Gunship exploded immediately. After that hit the Necrons ruled the battlefield and never loosened their grip.

They conquered the relic in the center of the battlefield and in the end they had 4 victory points to none. A famous victory for the Necrons!


Stay tuned for more battle reports!


  1. The Necrons live forever - 0111CollectusMaximus0001110101Colouristo00011111 ...

  2. ***--****message received
    Sended*by: Ligthning Claw Chapter
    //Text: Adeptus Astartes reincforcements required //
    deployment order: code 107#998
    Chapter: Dark Angels ###
    order: seek and destroy ###

  3. Addendum sended*by:Lightning Scars
    //Text: Special Air Forces required, please confirm//
    Chapter:Dark Angels ###