July 06, 2013

Sketchbook - Colouristo

Dear Pumpkin Friends,

My first Comic Art Page ever!
Again painted during my actual business flights. Therefore some lines are not that straight :)
I hope you like it?

And two other pages I painted as well during my actual flights:

1. American football tackling study (not completed, and I am not sure if I will ...)

2. Demonstration of our Pumpkin Power ! :)

Due to the fact that I could not join our very cool Pumpkin Painter Power Sessions for some weeks, I had to draw at least something. I know that these are no pictures of lovely figures, but I hope it is still interesting for you?!

With best wishes


  1. It is! I draw inspiration from all other mediums, not just miniatures. Please continue!

  2. love the comic. italo western meets zombie apocalypse! hope this will be continued. Pumpkin Power FTW! ;)