March 24, 2013

Wood Elf Spellweaver

Hey everybody!

I'd like to show you one of my entries for Massivevoodoo's the Bananalicious contest. I started it on the last Massivevoodoo workshop in Vienna and finished it during our painting sessions.

I really like the atmosphere of the miniature and I love the dress. From the beginning I knew that her base had to be a forest setting and the wavy dress immediately reminded me of a spring.

So here she is!


  1. die bilder werden kleiner wennma sie vergrößern will xD

    vieeeeel zu kleine bilder!

  2. It was really nice to see how the figure became more and more lively. And I remember your hard feelings at the begin, AND now it turned out so nicely!

  3. Thank you :) Yes, I have to admit, it took a while to warm up with painting this miniature but I'm quite content with the result.