March 19, 2013

Dark Elves Army


the last few days i was painting the first minis for my girlfriend´s dark elves army - She wants to start playing Warhammer with me and my friend because she likes the fantasy genre a lot and she likes the miniatures too.
The dark elves were the first miniatures i bought and the start of my painting hobby.
First i decolorized most of the miniatures and then i started painting them again in a darker
colour scheme. My goal is to paint a whole army in the next fiew months and here are the first impressions.



 Black Guard

best regards


  1. Legen.... wait for it... wait for it unless you're lactoseintolerant then it's bad for you... DAIRYYYYYY!!!!!! ;)
    and dont forget to white balance my friend...

  2. oh my, painting so much little dudes and dudesses...this must be quite booring!

    nevertheless you pulled it off quite nicely!

  3. Wow, they look great! You really need to give me some hints for my army :)