April 09, 2014


I´ve finished a project i was painting for the Golden Vinci Contest 2014. It is a Ronin bust from Pegaso Models. I have painted it with acrylic paints and some acrylic airbrush colours from Schmincke.

I hope you like it.

best regards


  1. Wow. One of your best pieces so far. Nice COC and blendings, excellent freehand and the sword looks great. The only things I miss a bit are those strong small highlights (Detaillichter) in the face and a little bit more color variation in the skin tone (I know you did some, but I think it could be stronger). The design on the socket is also well done and not so over the top as the last ones. I like it.

  2. I say the same as the Androsch!!

  3. Congratulation! Beautiful piece, and it is good to see that one of us pumpkin painters finishes new projects for upcoming Herzog ;)

  4. Really looking forward to see you all again my friends!

  5. Thanks for the nice words, maybe i will spent some additional time for the skintone and the highlights in his face.
    I'm really looking forward to the duke of Bavaria too to see you all again.