November 16, 2013

Huntress of the Night

Hey everybody!

I finally finished my Huntress of the Night and I did it just in time to take her to Monte San Savino :)

I'm really happy with the result and also with my decision to change the color scheme. She didn't win a medal in Monte but that's okay. For me it's more important that she looks the way I planned to!

Painting this miniature wasn't easy. I really loved the mini from the first moment and I wanted her to be something special. For me the promotion paintjob was fantastic and it was hard to figure out a different color scheme that worked for her. Also the base and the general setting of the scene wasn't easy to find and decide.

In the end I used my favourite colors and gave her a dark night scene inspired by old streets in an English city.

I hope you like her too!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Morgaine! It is your masterpiece and it was a pleasure to see your beautiful piece growing up.
    And I am also very happy that you followed your heard with the colour scheme. I love it!!