October 06, 2013

Pumpkin Painter Evening with Cat Women

Impression of our last Pumpkin Painter Session.
This time two cat women joined us :)

Morgaine working on her Monte Project and Cookie is deeply relaxed and observing the progress ...

Gipsy (in front) and Cookie are very happy with the result of our Pumpkin Painting Session!

I think now the purpose of a hoody is very clear :)

With best wishes


  1. Cookie found her new favourite spot ;) I hope she stays little for a while!

  2. Yes they are :) And they have already twisted us around their little finger ;)

  3. Love the pictures, it looks like a perfect family quality time together. Funny thing, I've just added a post to my blog with a pic of my cats keeping me company while painting :)

  4. It seems like cats love that place! Yours enjoy that too :)