June 19, 2013

Lightning Scars - Space Marines

Since I cannot stay with one project at a time I recently started a new army :) Let me introduce you to the chapter of the Lightning Scars!

The reason I started this army was that I wanted to have a different army to play with besides my Dark Eldars. For me Dark Eldars are not so easy to play, so I wanted an army where the fighters are a bit stronger and not so easily killed. I hope that my choice was right ;)

Some more shots of the first brave fighter:

I hope you like them!


  1. A very nice colour scheme. They will definitely stand at the battlefield! BUT You know - a necron lives forever :)
    Looking forward to meeting your beautiful looking new army

  2. :) Yeah I know, necron style ;) But wait and see what will happen on the battlefield. i'm already looking forward to it!