October 31, 2012

Tutorial - Ork Skin

Okay then, here's the first step-by-step for the ork skin I'm doing:

2 component priming, nothing special so far. ;)

Basecoat Gretching Green 1:2 Paint:Water

1st shadow Knarloc Green, 1:4 paint:water

2nd shadow Dark Sea Blue (you can use Hawk Turqouise with Black instead)

1st Highlight Gretchin Green + Bleached Bone

Pure Bleached Bone for the second Highlight.

Now I did a glaze with a mix of Knarloc Green + Warlock Purple to bring some life to the skin. (Sorry, forgot to shoot a picture here)

Some Chaos Black for the deepest shadows and the darklining.

For the last step I used some Ivory to paint some very bright higlights (especially in the face).

That's it for the skin, Weathering tutorial will follow soon!

Cheers, Androsch

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